Wedding Ceremonies


For the Bride and Groom, this day should always be a day to remember, a day to cherish forever, a day that will reflect the journey of love that has brought them to this moment of commitment. The wedding ceremony is therefore a special time of joyous celebration for the union being created between a man and a woman.


The basic elements of a wedding ceremony

There are only three sections which must be included in your wedding ceremony, otherwise you can choose any structure.

  • Welcome - to those attending and acknowledging why we are all here. (optional)

  • Celebrant Monitum *LEGALLY REQUIRED 

  • Introduction - Explaining how the couple view marriage and touching on their history, love story, families as required (optional)

  • Acknowledging the family and presenting the bride / groom / giving away the bride (optional)

  • Reading / Poem (optional)

  • Parental Blessing - an opportunity for parents to pledge their love and acceptance of the marriage. Often used instead of the traditional ‘giving away’ (optional)

  • The Asking - "Will you..." (optional)

  • Special Ritual (optional)

  • The Vows *LEGALLY REQUIRED and you can add your own special words too

  • Exchanging of the rings – there is no legal requirement to exchange rings. You may choose another symbol or have only one ring or you may have no exchange at all – it’s your choice. 

  • Reading / Poem (optional)

  • Declaration of Marriage (optional)

  • "The Kiss" (optional)

  • Signing of the Marriage Documents: *LEGALLY REQUIRED

  • Presentation of the Bride and Groom (optional)