Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies


Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies have been a part of family and communities life for a long period of time. This ceremony is a wonderful occasion to bring together family and friends and the larger community to acknowledge the birth of a child or the transition from one state to another.


There are no rules for naming ceremonies, so there is no one way to conduct a ceremony. Your ceremony may only involve a few people or the wider community can be involved. It may be simple or complex, short or long. In your ceremony you may wish to include stories, poems or readings or symbols or rituals from family customs.

This is your ceremony, so you can decide what should and who should be included.


Taking the time to honour and value the children who enter our world is a delightful experience as the gift of life is a miracle and it is worthwhile to create a ceremony that is dedication and honour to your child.  


The basic elements of a Naming and Welcoming Ceremony

  • Welcome

  • Introduction- sharing with guests why you have gathered

  • Family Life – sharing values on parenting and family life

  • Acknowledgement – an opportunity to acknowledge your parents, children, other family members and friends and thank them for their support.

  • Reading/Poem

  • Naming of Godparents/Mentors/Supporting Adults – asking these special people to come forward

  • Promises/declarations - the chosen people may wish to make a promise to the child

  • Exchanging of gifts – you may choose to present gifts to the child or godparents/mentors/supporting adults

  • Naming your child – formally naming or acknowledging the child’s name

  • Closing – summing up, signing and presenting certificates