Life Celebrations


A change in time, a change in place
A change of jobs, a change of pace
change your style or change your friends
change your path and change the end
Chance for a 20, change for a 10
Change for the bus, 'Change please, friend'
A change of homes, a change of kin
A change of friends you never win
a change of schools, begin again
A change of age, a change of space
A change of morals, A change of rules
A change of sails, blowing you into the unknown 

Written by Ethan Allen


Change is never ending and if you want to honour and celebrate in a meaninful way with original and memorable words then choose to rejoice and have a ceremony.


Ceremonies can be held for any occasion as we celebrate and honour the people we love.

This dedication to our loved ones can be through ceremonies for their transition from childhood to adulthood (18th and 21st birthdays), celebrating milestone birthdays like, 30th to 100 and beyond. Ceremonies can also be performed when a person retires or when significant change occurs in their life. Divorce ceremonies can be an honourable way to say farewell, to reclaim your maiden name, thank your loved ones for their support or reaffirm your love and commitment to your children.