Commitment Ceremonies


A commitment ceremony is the celebration of love between two people and committing to a loved one is one of the most meaningful moments in a person’s life.

Commitment ceremonies can have the same principles and process as a marriage ceremony as the only major differences is that a commitment ceremony is not legally recognised as a marriage and does not require the legal paperwork or inclusion of specific phrases in the ceremony.

There are numerous reasons why people would like a commitment ceremony and they might include:

  • Same sex couples (In Australia, couples of the same gender are not permitted to marry according to the law of the country).

  • Couples who do not wish to comply with legal requirements of marriage

  • Couples who simply object to the concept of marriage or the terminology husband and wife


A commitment ceremony may be formal and traditional or loose and unstructured as it depends on the couples own preferences.


The basic elements of a commitment ceremony

  • Welcome - to those attending and acknowledging why we are all here. 

  • Introduction - Explaining how the couple view commitment and touching on their history, love story, families as required 

  • Acknowledging the family and 'giving away' 

  • Parental Blessing - an opportunity for parents to pledge their love and acceptance of the commitment. Often used instead of the traditional ‘giving away’

  • Reading / Poem 

  • The Asking - "Will you..." 

  • Special Ritual 

  • The Vows – declare their intent to be committed to each other

  • Exchanging of the rings. You may choose another symbol or have only one ring or you may have no exchange at all – it’s your choice. 

  • Reading / Poem

  • Declaration of Commitment

  • Presentation of the couple