Boat Naming Ceremonies


Naming or renaming your boat is an important ceremony as legend says that every vessel is recorded by name in the ‘Ledger of the Deep’ and is known to the gods of the seas. So without consulting Poseidon and changing the name of the boat without ceremony  bad luck will occur.


Firstly, the old name of the boat must be removed from Poseidon’s memory and wiped away. Once there is no trace of the old boat name, the renaming ceremony can take place so that the gods of the winds are settled and you will have fair winds and smooth seas whenever you sail.


There are many ways which your ceremony can be conducted, so imagination is the key.


Sentimental Object Naming Ceremonies


Sentimental Object ceremonies can be held for any object that that you believe requires dedication and honouring. These ceremonies are a wonderful occasion to bring together family and friends and the large community to celebrant and honour your treasures.